Forest Cut Down Types and Rules

Although there are thoughts that felling involves outrageous deforestation, most forestry is not chaotic but rather follows certain, binding rules. The importance of the forest and its biodiversity in the country’s ecosystem is widely recognized. Therefore, forestry companies and businesses…Read more

Investing in Lithuanian forests Part I: What a Beginner Forest Investor Needs to Know

Starting on January 1, 2020, foreign insurance companies stopped buying forests after a ban came into effect in Lithuania. This ban restricts forest buyers and their related persons from purchasing more than 1,500 hectares of forest land. However, for a…Read more
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Why Is It a Good Choice to Buy the Forest at FOROS?

FOROS auction offers forestry companies and investors a quick and convenient way to purchase ready-for-sale forests in the territories of Lithuania and Latvia. With our unique auction platform, forest buyers do not have to live in the country where they…Read more

Forest price – what does it depend on?

What forest prices will prevail in 2019? Is it possible to tell unambiguously its real market price by eyeing a forest? Unfortunately, no, because it depends on many interrelated factors. Only if all of them are correctly evaluated will the…Read more